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And now…teeth!

Homemade Toothpaste

So much prettier than a tube of goop....

Oh Lord, I really am becoming crunchier than I ever thought possible.  I gave up toothpaste.

Ha!  I know, if the thought of giving up shampoo made you go, “Yuk,” that’s probably left you dry retching into your tea.  But just to qualify, I haven’t given up cleaning my teeth.

As I said about shampoo, it’s hard to buy anything in this town that isn’t clothing or booze.  I had a lovely strawberry flavour Tom’s of Maine toothpaste, but it ran out and I kept using Hubby’s Euthymol (that stuff has SLS in.  Yeuch) which was causing me to breakout.

So I knocked up some homemade stuff from recipes on the internet:

1 part salt

3 parts baking soda

1 peppermint oil capsule contents

It’s brilliant!  Now fair enough, the first few times I pulled a very unattractive face at the saltiness of it.  But hey, it was no worse than the Euthymol burn.  My gums were pretty sore for a couple of days too, until I worked out that you don’t need to scrub with this stuff – just gentle brushing.

Now that I’ve got it sussed, it’s working working perfectly.  Obviously a definite conclusion is a long-term thing with teeth, but I’m not getting that furry feeling I always got by evening with commercial toothpaste and my teeth feel exceptionally clean after brushing.  The breakout has cleared up too.

I’m gonna have to find a crunchy-rating system.  I reckon I’m nearing cornflakes….