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How To (Always) Win An Argument

If anything is going to destroy the cool, calm exterior of a Refined Mama (or one in the making), it’s losing an argument. So how do you make sure you win?  Three rules: always get the last word, never raise your voice, and take the wind out of the other person’s sails.

Sound complicated?  Well, it turns out it’s easy.  Hubby gave me the ultimate practical demonstration yesterday….

Scene: Hubby is tidying in preparation for visitors.  Unrefined Mama is sitting at the dressing table, doing her make up.  Hubby enters bedroom and references an earlier complaint by UM about him nicking all the pens in the house….

Hubby: You never get to complain about the lack of pens again.

Unrefined Mama: Why’s that?

H: I just cleared all that stuff off the dining table.  There were at least seven pens, all of them yours.

UM: And would you like to know why they were there, hmm?

H: No.  Because then I would be wrong.

Hubby turns on heel and exits bedroom.  UM is left open-mouthed at the dressing table, eye-liner poised, speechless at the genius of the line.

See?  Last word, cool and calm, and leaving me with no comeback because he actually admitted he was wrong.

I’m having this tattooed on my arm, so that I am never, ever left with no closing line again.  Take it my loves, take it and use it.