No ‘Poo: One Month!

Oops, it’s a month already?  I never thought I’d last a month without shampoo or conditioner.  I haven’t felt the need to use them at all (actually, a dab of conditioner once after dyeing it, to counteract a serious ‘strawberry-blonde’ effect!  Yeah, I know, hair dye: the most un-natural product ever.  Stop judging me).

My hair feels great, as clean and light and ungreasy as it did with products, but way silkier, smoother and softer.

I still seem to have skipped the ‘detox’ period.  The only time I’ve had bad hair is days when I haven’t washed it at all (ie. not even a water only), and then it’s not been any worse than a no-wash day when I used shampoo.

So my routine is down to…

Day One – Wash: 1 tbsp salt in chamomile tea

Rinse: 2 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tbsp honey in water

Day Two – WO

And that’s it!  Making the wash/rinse is easy, I just add an extra mug when I make my morning coffee (although I do decant it into a plastic bottle before I take it into the bathroom.  Toddler + mug + bath = baaaaad.)

But why no detox?  I reckon these are helping:

  1. I was using natural shampoo and conditioner for a couple of years – no nasty chemicals to get out first
  2. I towel dry pretty thoroughly, scalp and hair
  3. My lovely, lovely, brush.  This thing saved me many a time when a particular shampoo stopped treating the itchies.  It’s the cheapest piece of plastic out there, it’s called a scalp massage brush and a hairdresser in Australia gave me it, with the mysterious words, “This will help you.”  I didn’t have a clue what she meant, but my brain was too heat-fuddled to argue.
  4. Scritchin’.  Mmm, nice.  With my hair under the shower, the first thing I do is thoroughly massage my scalp (gently!) with my nails.  It loosens anything that can’t escape cause of the thick hair
  5. I use one of those dye bottles that has a comb to dispense the liquid through on top – it gets the wash to my scalp much easier

So…that’s it.  I cannot see any way I would ever want to go back to shampoo/conditioner now.  It did nothing for my hair that this regime isn’t doing, it cost more, it was less convenient, less natural….

And in case you’re wondering, my hair smells lovely.  I kept making Hubby check 🙂  Not a single person around me has a clue what I’m doing, unless I’ve told them, and a few have even commented on how nice my hair looks!

Score one for the naturals!


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