No ‘poo: First Week Conclusions

Ok, so it’s not strictly a week, but with a toddler you have to blog when you can and make up your own timescales!  I’m over the moon about how my hair feels after the last two days concoctions and I absolutely cannot get over the fact that I haven’t used shampoo or conditioner since Sunday.  I’m sort of dreading suddenly going through a detox period that a lot of people mention, where you suddenly get the greasies, itchies or waxies (sexy nicknames huh?) – I feel a bit like I’m getting away with something at the moment!

This week I’ve ended up doing a ‘wash’ of some kind almost every day, which isn’t really the ultimate aim.  But I love making mixtures wanted to experiment with some of the different ingredients I had read about online.  And I’m impatient, so I couldn’t contemplate spacing these experiments out over weeks!

No 'Poo

Alchemy...the posh name for makin' mixtures

I’ve definitely reached some conclusions:

  • BS either disagrees with my water or hair
  • Salt is a great alternative cleaner
  • Beer is great for shine
  • I really like the tea/honey/salt/WV combos

Things I want to test out next week:

  • Whether the tea/honey/salt/WV combos are making my hair great on their own, or whether the grapefruit rinse is helping with that
  • How my hair behaves if I do a water only (WO) wash plus citrus rinse every other day, with a ‘concoction’ wash on the other days
  • Whether I can mix up a big batch of tea/honey/salt/WV and keep it in the fridge to use over the course of a week (as it’s water-based I don’t really want to keep it in the warm shower room or for longer than a week)

So, so far, so good.  If you’re still dithering (or going, “Ew!  Smelly woman!”), trust me – I could not have been more of a shampoo-is-my-crutch person, right up until last week.  I honestly thought my hair would be gross without it.  So my advice is…get over it, you big wuss, and give it a go 😉


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