No ‘poo: Days 1 – 3

Here we go!

So, my starting point, as mentioned previously, is that I shampoo and condition my every day.  If I don’t my scalp gets very itchy and my hair greasy.  I reckon it smells a bit too, but I think I’m paranoid!

Hair type:  very thick (as in lots of it).  Coarse at the neck, becoming finer and lighter towards the hairline.  Blonde lengths which have been previously dyed, with dark roots growing out.  Chin length, with annoying random waves!

Natural Shampoo

No 'Poo will make you look this cute. Swear.

Day 1:

To really test this out, I skip a day of shampooing and conditioning.  By the end of the day, it’s driving me nuts.

Day 2:

Wash: 1 tbsp baking soda/bicarbonate of soda, diluted in 1 pint boiled water

Rinse: Juice of 1 grapefruit, diluted in 1 pint boiled water

Result: Well, it ain’t itchy!  My hair looks clean.  It feels clean too, if a little…odd.  Sort of dry and a bit greasy at the same time, like when you’ve been swimming too long.  It seems heavy, with no body or bounce.

Notes: I boil the water because we have very hard water here.  This apparently softens the water a little, making it work better with the baking soda which can react with hard water to leave a soap-like scum in the hair.  Any water in further notes is always boiled first.

I have not used the usual no ‘poo method of an Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinse, as this can apparently react badly with hard water too.

BS is an alkali substance, whereas the scalp is naturally slightly acidic.  This is why you tend to rinse with something mildly acidic afterwards.  In place of ACV, white vinegar or any citrus juice can be used – all I had was a very old grapefruit sat at the back of the fridge!

Day 3:

Wash: BS wash as before

Rinse: GF rinse as before

Result: Hmm.  Exactly the same as Day 1.  It’s clean, but I don’t want my hair feeling like this.  It also looks pretty dull.

Notes: Think I’ll skip the BS tomorrow and see if it helps. The point of the BS is that it cuts the grease in the hair, making it easy to rinse out.  In this respect, it’s not really helpful to use it every day – you are effectively doing exactly what you do with shampoo, which is stripping the hair of its natural oil, causing it to overcompensate and produce too much, causing you to overcompensate and wash too much!


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