No ‘poo. No, not that kind.


Make. It. Stop!

Well, first blog post and I thought I’d better make it a good’un.  Not that this is going to be literary gold – but the subject is one I never imagined I’d find myself writing about.  ‘Cause honestly, in the world of going natural, ditching my shampoo addiction always seemed like a step too far.  Next stop, sack cloth dresses and walking barefoot through the snow.

Wait.  I  mixed up my images.  Dancing naked in the snow?  Yep, that’s better.

Or not.  Um, ok…yeah, so going no ‘poo (so called by the internetters who swear by it) was not something I was prepared for.  I’ll post my reasons for going natural later.

Using only natural face, hair and body care is a pain when you live in a town that worships high street fashion and alcohol, but very little else.  The only other things we have are a Wilkinson, a couple of Holland & Barretts, the usual chemists and Lidls (randomly).  So all our toiletries need to be bought online.

Now, as total internet ner…uh, aficionados, that’s fine.  Only,we’re not very organised.  Well, Hubby couldn’t care less what we use (unless we run out), so I’m left with, “Whatever you get I’ll use,” and the fact that I’m hopelessly disorganised.  Which leaves me getting in the shower in the morning, remembering we’re running out of stuff, swearing to buy some more the second I get out and then  utterly forgetting until the next morning’s shower.

Added to this, I have a terminally itchy scalp.  I say terminally because one day I’ll wake up dead, having bled to death via my scalp after an all-night scratchathon.  I had hoped going natural would help, but I still had to wash my hair every single day, otherwise the itchies were enough to make me kick small kittens (not actual kittens you understand.  Just imaginary ones.  In my head.  Um….)

So yeah.  Shampoo was doing naff all for me, other than irritating me by maliciously running out, perpetuating the itchies, and getting rid of grease, dirt, smells…pff, next to useless.

So, with about a week’s worth of shampoo left, and vaguely remembering something about ditching the shampoo, I got reading.  Then I got totally overwhelmed and very confused.  So I read some more and I got some stuff and I mixed some things…

Ok, I didn’t keep it short. Sorry. If you want to find out more about the no ‘poo method, check out The No ‘Poo Community and The Long Hair Community for as much info as you could ever want.

If you need further persuading/disgusting/spectating, I’ll blog the results and tell you what works, what doesn’t and how I’m getting on.

See ya in shampoo hell babies.


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